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VOH Mongu opened in November 2009. We care for over 700 children and employ over 60 Zambians. Our centre is in Katongo, an area in Western Province on the outskirts of Mongu.

In the Katongo area, unemployment rates are high, and many rely solely on subsistence farming to access food. Many others rely on small or micro businesses to support their families. In addition, most people live without electricity or running water in their homes and have to go and fetch water from different hand-pump wells around the community.

Mongu is in flood plains, so fishing is one of the ways people support themselves. However, depending on the time of year, they often have to walk long distances on the sandy floodplains to reach the water.

There is a significant need for good schooling in the area. Most schools in Mongu have large class sizes, limited resources, and charge expensive school fees that most children and families in the community can’t afford.

Our Programs


VOH Mongu provides free education for students from preschool to Grade 12. We offer double classes for most grades, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. We provide students with extracurricular activities and clubs to explore their talents in sports, art, singing, and other activities. Our youth program allows VOH Mongu youth to receive opportunities to learn practical skills like chicken-rearing, gardening, and fish farming. The program provides practical training along with hands-on experience.


We offer healthcare at our onsite VOH health clinic. We have a doctor, nurse, and administrator employed at our clinic, and they care for the children from our school, children’s homes, Save A Life Centre, and therapy program. Our clinic offers basic health care services and regular health check-ups for the children. We are also a distribution centre for antiretrovirals for our community. We refer patients to our local government hospital for more significant healthcare needs and oversee the child’s care. We also run an occupational therapy program for children with disabilities or developmental delays.

Family-Focused Shelter

We offer shelter to children in our six children’s homes, which are located at our centre. Each house has a mother who lives with the children full time and aunties who come in and help out during the day. The kids range in age from 4-18 years old. The children help around the home and learn basic skills to equip them for life as they get older. All of the children living in children’s homes attend our VOH school and receive opportunities to stay connected to the community through inter-school sports, church, and youth activities.

Feeding Program

We provide every child in our school with two nutritious meals per day. We also provide nutrition to malnourished children in our community through our Save A Life Center. From birth to age two, malnourished children are brought in by their guardians and receive food, hygiene supplies, blankets, and clothing. The toddlers come to our clinic each week and are given food for the week, and we assess their development progress. During the weekly visit, the caregivers also receive training related to their child’s health and development.

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