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About VOH Kitwe

VOH Kitwe opened in July 1999. We care for over 1,000 children and employ over 70 Zambians. Our centre is located near the communities of Racecourse, Kauma, and Kamatipa.

High unemployment and illiteracy levels exist in the communities surrounding our VOH centre. Consistent employment can be hard to find, making it difficult for parents and guardians to support their families.

Many of the homes in the region are prone to leaks during the rainy season, and most do not have electricity. In most cases, those living in the communities surrounding VOH Kitwe have to walk to local water supply stations to purchase water for their household.

Our Programs

Feeding Program

The children who come to our school are given a nutritious meal of HEPS (High Energy Protein Supplement) porridge every day through the feeding program. For many of our children, this meal is the only consistent nutrition they receive. We provide a second serving of HEPS at the end of the school day for children who need additional dietary support. We also send food packs home for children who we identify as coming from particularly vulnerable families.


Our school provides quality, free education from Preschool to grade 12. We are a government-registered examination centre for grades 7, 9 and 12. We have qualified, caring teachers who are interested in their students’ lives and overall well-being. We also offer clubs to give children an opportunity to explore various talents and skills. In addition, our Youth Empowerment Program provides training and skills that better equip students for when they graduate. We also assist them with writing resumes and scholarship applications.


We have a government-registered clinic on-site. Our clinic offers health services to VOH children, their families, our staff, and those from neighbouring communities. For more complex health needs, we take our children to the local government hospital. Each term at our school, we hold a school health week, where all of the children get their height, weight, eyes, and ears checked and are given supplements according to their individual needs.

Family-Focused Shelter

We have children’s homes on-site for children who the Department of Social Welfare has identified as having no safe place to live. The children are cared for by a housemother who lives with them full time. The mother is assisted during the day by aunties who help with laundry and cleaning. The children learn how to cook and take part in the preparation of daily family meals.

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