VOH Luongo

Logging Weight and Height

This week the VOH Kitwe clinic staff visited us at VOH Luongo to take weight and height measurements of all our children.

Visit from the Board

This week, VOH Luongo is happy to share that our Board came to visit for the first time this year.

Meet Vera

When Vera first came to VOH Luongo, she couldn’t read or write, but now she can, thanks to the VOH school and her teachers!

Receiving Bibles!

This week, the VOH Luongo children received New International Revised Versions of the Bible. For some, this is their first Bible!

Preparing Learning Aids

Our teachers are preparing for the new school year; they made learning aids, including number and letter cards.


The children love being part of our gardening project and are always excited to see the fruit (and vegetables) of their labour!

Moving on to Grade 8!

Our students are excited and ready to move on to grade 8. Their parents are full of enthusiasm and could not believe each child’s good marks.

Government Exams

This week has been busy but exciting as VOH Luongo’s first grade 7 students wrote their government examinations.

Preventing Malnutrition

Our feeding program is an essential part of our program because it provides a healthy and nutritious supplement for the children daily.

New Classrooms!

We are excited to share how our new classroom block is coming along. With more classrooms, the children will have more time in class!

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