New Water Pipes

This project will help increase the amount of sufficient water supply and provide clean and safe drinking water around the whole Centre!

Christmas Letters

Here at VOH Luongo, the children all spent time writing a special Christmas greeting for their sponsors. We are so grateful for every sponsor!

Height and Weight Check-Ups

This week at VOH Chongwe, we recently recorded every child’s height and weight so we can continue monitoring their health and growth.

Successful Harvest!

It’s harvest time again at VOH Chongwe! We are so happy to see our children acquiring knowledge in growing various types of vegetables.

Donation from the Lions Club

This past week VOH Kitwe was delighted to have the Lions Club come for another visit! They donated groceries and cleaning supplies!

End of Term Results

This week at VOH Luongo, the children were writing their end-of-term tests. It is a busy week for the teachers as they mark the test papers.

Creating Memories

At VOH Mongu, we believe in having fun, and we know that sharing playful times is an important part of building relationships.

Paul and Justin Come to School

Paul and Justin’s mother knew the importance of the programs VOH Luongo offers and the boys still make the journey to the Centre daily.

Cooking Class!

Our grade six students at VOH Kitwe are learning cooking skills! The students were so excited to cook a variety of dishes.

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