Logging Weight and Height

This week the VOH Kitwe clinic staff visited us at VOH Luongo to take weight and height measurements of all our children.

COVID-19 Vaccinations!

VOH Chongwe received a supply of COVID-19 vaccines, and we are now vaccinating our staff and children!

Thank You, Whence Financial!

It was great to have Whence Financial Services visit our school and extend their generous kindness towards four of our school kids!

Visit from the Board

This week, VOH Luongo is happy to share that our Board came to visit for the first time this year.

Guidance from the Board

Whenever we need to consultation of any kind, our Board is always there to offer guidance and encouragement.

Meet Chileshe

We believe that Chileshe will continue to do well academically, and we know she has a bright future ahead of her!

Meet Vera

When Vera first came to VOH Luongo, she couldn’t read or write, but now she can, thanks to the VOH school and her teachers!

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