Fish Pond Success!

Our VOH Mongu farm staff has been incredible in caring for our fish, and their hard work paid off; the fish are huge!

Starting the New School Year

Our VOH Mongu teachers and students are back in school feeling refreshed after the break and ready to begin the term!

Receiving Bibles!

This week, the VOH Luongo children received New International Revised Versions of the Bible. For some, this is their first Bible!

Meet Sheila

Sheila is one of our grade 11 students. She is excited to be back at school and entering a new grade at the start of this new school year.

Returning to School!

The VOH Chongwe school opened this past week, and the children are so excited to be back in school after the break.

Meet Mwangala

Mwangala, along with seven other children, lives in one of our children’s homes and her housemother Hellen loves all seven of them very much.

Preparing Learning Aids

Our teachers are preparing for the new school year; they made learning aids, including number and letter cards.

Fun in the Garden!

This week mother Esther and her children were busy removing weeds from their vegetable garden and the surrounding area.

Thank You, John!

Mr. John works tirelessly to maintain our fish farm, chicken project, and vegetable farms.

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