Preventing Malnutrition

Here in Zambia, lack of food still causes malnutrition among children. Malnutrition stands in the way of children’s development. Our feeding program is an essential part of our program at VOH Luongo because it provides a healthy and nutritious supplement for the children daily. Each child receives a cup of porridge before their lessons begin.

Thanks to the feeding program, we have seen a reduction in absenteeism because children know they are guaranteed a meal once they get to school, and our children have much fewer sick days because they are well-nourished. If a child is unwell and cannot attend school, our staff makes sure the HEPS (High Energy Protein) porridge is sent home for them.

Our teachers are so happy about the program because the porridge supports the children’s energy levels and concentration. We are so grateful to our donors who make the feeding program possible!

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