VOH Kitwe

Guidance from the Board

Whenever we need to consultation of any kind, our Board is always there to offer guidance and encouragement.

Meet Sheila

Sheila is one of our grade 11 students. She is excited to be back at school and entering a new grade at the start of this new school year.

Fun in the Garden!

This week mother Esther and her children were busy removing weeds from their vegetable garden and the surrounding area.

Farming Season

It’s farming season again, and this week we are delighted to share with you how our maize field is coming along at VOH Kitwe.

Raising Chickens!

VOH Kitwe’s agriculture department has started raising chickens as we continue to expand our ongoing food production program.

Learning to Sew

With this skill, they will be able to mend their clothing and make household items. Some may even generate income!

Meet Beauty

Beauty is in charge of preparing our HEPS porridge each day. She is a certified food handler and ensures food is stored and prepared properly.

Felix’s Story

We are happy to be adding Felix’s story to the many other stories of success that former VOH students have come back to share!

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